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Magnet Advertising is a 360-degree advertising agency helping and assisting clients
and companies alike in promoting their businesses across all platforms.
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Facebook Ad Campaigns

• Likes Marketing
• Sponsored Boost Ads
• Website Click Campaign
• Video Ads
• Carousel Ads
• Event Response Ads
• Lead Generation Campaign

Twitter Ad Campaigns

• Promoted Tweets
• Twitter Followers
• Website Card
• Lead Generation Card
• Promoted Video
• Mobile App Card

Youtube Ad Campaigns

• In stream Videos
• In Display (Search Results)
• In Display (Next to Video)

Pinterest Ad Campaigns

• Promoted Pins

LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

• Sponsored Content
• Sponsored Inmail
• Dynamic Ads
• Display Ads
• Text Ads

Instagram Ad Campaigns

• Photo Ads
• Video Ads
• Carousel Ads

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Social Media AD Campaigns are more than just posting online. This involves many aspects such as appropriate post creation, creative designing, content generation and targeted segmentation. At Magnet Advertising, we divide our target audience based on demographics best suited to the nature of your business.

This helps in not only reaching out to potential customers but also in generating qualified leads. There are various campaigns processed and delivered by Magnet Advertising, some of them are as follows:

- Salman Wadiwala (CEO of Magnetadv)

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