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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”- Paul Cookson

Magnet is a 360-degree agency, yet we also play a vital role as an eminent web designing agency. We let our clients experience the best creative web design which is crafted by our skilled web developers. Our Web designers also create custom web designs as per the client’s requirements.

Our Website Development services include Web Engineering, Web Designing, Web Content Development, Server Scripting, Network Security configuration and e-commerce development. Developing a website is a long procedure which could involve development of  a single static page of plain text to the most complex of applications, electronic businesses and social network services.

Our skilled in-house web designing crew utilizes technologies and platforms like WordPress, CSS, Drupal, Laravel, Magento, Core PHP language, Woocommerce and more. Creating a web design is not just about having a website that is aesthetically pleasing and Uniquely interactive, but more than that, a website has to be user friendly and content-presentable.  

In these emerging times where businesses face an immense amount of competition, be it any niche or industry, they require a digital platform, an online existence which will remove the barriers between their audiences. This is where a business will need us and our web development services. Website development and design today is as important as a physical shop or an office. Our professionals help businesses appear online while creating an amazing website design.  

Online existence is the foremost step , ranking is secondary yet the most important step for a business, be it product based or service. Google is the most visited platform that users mostly use to look for a query, so in order to come across a user, your website has to be on the top pages of Google. 

Our experienced website development and web design team of web developers is well equipped to handle all requirements across the following platforms:

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Mobile Application Development

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